Happy Wheels 2 – A Game Everyone Loves

Happy Wheels is a popular game everyone loves to play. It is an online physics game known for its dark humor and huge amount of blood. This game can be accessed through visiting the website “Totaljerkface” and this is the kind of game everyone would love to play.
Happy Wheels 2 - A Game Everyone Loves
Demo of Happy Wheels, most popular flash game has some primary control keys which are the four arrows, shift, Ctrl, space bar, and the letter “Z” Although it may seem difficult to get a hang of these controls, as time passes by, we’ll get a hook of it. After choosing the character and levels out of the many provided, we can start the game.

1) Hold the arrow keys (up arrow) to accelerate forward and down arrow to brake and keep holding the drive during reverse.
2) Use left arrow and right arrow key to lean backward and forward respectively, these are used to move over obstacles over a two wheeled vehicle.
3) Press Z to eject

crazy funny image from the gameThe game contains different characters, all of which are listed below:
1) Pogostick Man
2) Segway Guy
3) Santa Claus
4) Effective Shopper
5) Irresponsible Dad and Mom
6) Lawnmower Man
7) Helicopter Man
8) Moped Couple
9) Wheelchair Guy
10) Explorer Guy

How death works in the game:
Find out the goal of each level and play to achieve it. Your character only dies once the head or torso is severed so don’t panic when you lose an arm or leg, just keep playing. You can press the tab button to restart the level or exit to the main menu

Try all the featured levels and play them continuously. You can also change the blood setting and play levels created by other players and even create a level of your own kind. You can rate and save replays too!

You’ll be ensured of having a fun time while playing this if you’re someone who loves blood and gore. This game has been played for many years by millions of people so you will definitely enjoy playing it too!

Schlitterbahn Waterpark discounts

Schlitterbahn Waterpark were founded by Henry family (Bob, Billye, and three children) back in 1966 in Texas. Today, Schlitterbahn has five waterpark, four of them are in Texas and fifth is in Kansas. Schlitterbahn is the first set of waterparks and today these parks provide water fun and resort accommodations for families coming to visit from across the United States. Popular attractions sound fun, but they also cost quite a bit. By doing a little bit of research, people are looking for discounts, to get cheaper passes to Schlitterbahn Waterparks. This article gives a brief overview of such sites.


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Yipit.com is also a web page, what offers great Schlitterbahn discounts for future visitors to give a look at. Rather than having “percentage-off” deals, this site has “dollars-off” discounts, however, they are quite significant. At least 70 USD cheaper deals are on the table and one of them is even whopping 167 USD discount deal. Gets you excited right? Although these discounts only apply to certain waterparks (only New Braunfels and South Padre included there), they still are worth looking at, as you might save a lot of money for a possible second visit in the distant future.


There you have it, few of the sites, what provide Schlitterbahn Waterpark discounts for everyone to go for it. From cheaper admissions to birthday parties with extra benefits and of course, great “dollar-off” deals. These sites have superb deals on the table and it would be somewhat regretful if not taken, because there might be no second chances. Also you can fine fresh coupons for Raging Waters Water park at www.ragingwaterscoupons.biz .


Life is a roller coaster ride…ups and downs all the way

Hellooo friends…!I am here to Introduce you all with our new game on creating a roller coaster & raze3. All of us enjoy riding in a roller coaster as it is the most thrilling ride ever made. Now is the time to actually built it by this new game of ours. Let me give you a brief description of this game.Here we give you separate parts of the roller coaster and you have to do the construction work to complete the thrilling ride in your own way and transport the riders from one point to another in a safe way. This is the major objective of the game.
In this excitement I forgot to tell you the name of the game. Let me introduce you to the ‘ The Roller Coaster Creator ‘……!
Now every game has some rules to which you have to abide by in order to win the game….which follows

The Roller Coaster Creator guide:
-The rules are very simple, its by your creativity and intelligence of the physics that you have to make the path of the ride, that is, ups and downs of the ride to reach it from one point to another with as much thrill as possible. You will be provided with limited amount of the coaster parts and you have to join them to make a nice ride without any accidents keeping the riders safety in mind.

Controls of the game:
-There are various tools in this game which you will find on the left side of the screen using which you have to give the riders most thrilling experience to earn more points.
Straight tool allows you to draw straight line-loop tool allows you to make a loop in order to collect diamonds and earn more points.Steep up an steep down tools are also there which you can use to make tracks of various types.
The objective is to earn maximum points which you can do by getting all the diamonds and making the ride thrilling.
So what are you waiting for…go ahead and play THE ROLLER COASTER CREATOR and I hope you will enjoy the game.
Thank you.

P.S. I want to offer another popular flash game as well, it comes as downloadable version and you can play it without internet – supersmashflash2download.