Play Apple Shooter – every archer’s dream

It is every archer’s dream to shoot apples off a friend’s head without harming them or even causing a scratch. This is the real symbol of true marksmanship. Apple Shooter is a game that will actualize this dream and transform it into reality.

Game instructions and controls
Apple shooter is not only a simple, but also a mega-fun game to play. A mouse is the only tool required to play and probably triumph. The mouse coupled with inbuilt game tools plays the role of aiming arrows at an apple situated at the top of the head of the player’s best friend. The player needs to be cautious and take the aim carefully. A single mistake or error on the player’s part could effortlessly give them the ‘World Worst Best friend’ label.

Game levels
The game has several levels and the task difficulty increases as the player complete each level. The proximity from the best friend increases with each advanced level. The distance between you and your best friend is 20 feet for the first level. The second level’s distance is 25 feet, 30 feet for the third level, 35 for level 4, and the chain goes on. This means that the distance from one level to the next increases by five feet.

Additional game tools
At the beginning of the game(of paper 2), there are two main tools to help a player hit a target rather than the best friend. Both tools are at a screen’s top left corner. One of the tools is in form of a circular gauge that determines the flying height of the arrow. The other tool is a meter bar to tell the player the level of power contained in a shot. A more powerful shot will travel for a further distance. These tools should be used together coupled with a strong hand-eye coordination sense. This helps in protecting your friend from harm.

High scores
Contrary to other archery-related online games, this game has a chart displaying the high scores. Players need to challenge themselves to attain the highest levels to get their names included in the professional shooters’ list.

Hacks and Cheats
A major hack is that the game does not actually end following the death of your best friend. Press the numerical 1 to reset once the apples disappear. One of the cheat codes is a pointer that would draw a line to show the manner and direction of the flying arrow.

Basically, this is a super fun game to check out and play.

Have Fun Playing Plazma Burst

Plazma Burst is a fun 2-D shooter flash game, with a fairly simple storyline. Your race was almost wiped out, but you are trying to go back in time to correct what happened. You succeed in your time travel, but the calculations are off, and you end up on an unfriendly planet. You have to fight your way out and get back to your planet in order to save your race.

The controls on Plazma Burst are very straightforward. You use D and A to move right and left, and S to crouch. You jump using space, and you fire your weapon using the left mouse button. Most guns have a site on them, to help with your aiming.

BTW if you like something more of the mind games category all I can suggest to you is a Driftboss, but if you prefer simple easy games Run 3 unblocked is the best game for you.

The bad guys will try and stop you any way they can. They will hide behind corners and ledges to try and snipe you from a distance. If you are not careful, you can be being blown up by explosives. Luckily, you are allowed to buy upgrades to your gear once you complete every level.

You can get a more powerful pistol, rifle, and shotgun. If you survive long enough, you might even afford the potent rocket launcher or plasma cannon. Once you buy a new weapon, it is added to your inventory, and you can cycle through all your choices by using the numbers on your keyboard.

Your health starts at 100 and goes down if you take damage from enemy fire. You can get health back by picking up blue medkits on the ground, which restore 25 health each. To avoid too much damage, try and always shoot enemies in the head. Most have body armor, and you can spend way too much time killing them when a headshot might have done the job instantly. It takes a little longer to line up but is well worth it. Use the terrain to your advantage. Try and find spots where you can shoot the enemy, but they cannot shoot you.

You also get three grenades when you start every level. These are useful for taking out large groups of enemies or forgetting them in hard-to-reach places. Use them carefully, and be sure you are not too close when they go off, as they do pack quite a punch. When you first go shopping, you might be tempted to upgrade your weapons immediately. You should buy a helmet and armor as soon as you can, so you take less damage. Timing, accuracy, and intelligence count for more in this game than just raw firepower.

Plazma Burst is a great platform shooter. The 16 levels provide lots of variety, and the between stages shop means you can slowly make your character more potent. Give this game a try if you want to use your wits and all your weapons in order to defeat your foes. There are also three levels of difficulty, so you can make the game easier if it’s too hard or increases the challenge after you beat one mode.

Learn To Fly 2 – PLAY ONLINE

The Icebergs Crushed Our Dreams, We Are Back For A Sweeter Revenge. Let’s Play Learn To Fly 2

Learn To Fly 2 - PLAY ONLINEDescription
Nothing big has changed when it comes to Learn To Fly 2, you act like a Penguin who in this case must actually try to fly. The Penguins are back and they are yet to prove us wrong that they aren’t flightless birds! This flash game keeps the same addictive qualities of the mother game and tosses many new categories to make the game more interesting.
Second version of the game takes the gaming experience even deeper than the native 3 Learn To Fly. In the new experience, there are challenges to gear, medals to earn and even a bonus shop. The whole concept of earning cash after every jump is continuous but in a more organized form. More upgrades have come with different categories: Payload, Glider, Sleigh and Boost. The height upgrade gives this game some great depth.

The Payload is a new category in the Learn To Fly 2. A major objective is to break the icebergs and the heavy payload will assist you in your objective. The downside is that the payload’s weight may shorten your flight.

The capability to save your game is another nice touch in the Learn To Fly 2 and is great since you can restore all your difficult progress in a single touch.
Gaze what distance you can be able to make your little penguin fly off the ramp by making him bounce off the water.

Controls Of The Game
Using the A/D or the right/left keys, balance your angle so that the penguin’s bottom front hits the water and allows it to bounce for a higher distance. The chief aim is to keep the Penguin angled just right to keep hitting the water blue.
Use the spacebar as a rocket. This will boost the power of the penguin.
Any key will be used to activate special sleighs.

Instructions Of The Game
You may check upgrades to purchase them if your money is enough to do so. (The game seems like you are not going anywhere at first but don’t forget you need to purchase the upgrades to start really flying!!!

Each control can be customized in the options menu where one could possibly use the keyboard instead of the mouse.
In the game, after each and every jump, you will gain game funds that will make you buy each and every kind of goodies.
In the ramp height, you can increase the ramp height or decrease the air resistance, or even make the penguin learn to speed up faster before flying.

1.05 Patch – Call of Duty: WW2

new patch is here, some nerfs, some bug fixes and most important no more “Disconnected From Server” error, phew!