Have Fun Playing Plazma Burst

Plazma Burst is a fun 2-D shooter flash game, with a fairly simple storyline. Your race was almost wiped out, but you are trying to go back in time to correct what happened. You succeed in your time travel, but the calculations are off, and you end up on an unfriendly planet. You have to fight your way out and get back to your planet in order to save your race.

The controls on Plazma Burst are very straightforward. You use D and A to move right and left, and S to crouch. You jump using space, and you fire your weapon using the left mouse button. Most guns have a site on them, to help with your aiming.

BTW if you like something more of the mind games category all I can suggest to you is a Driftboss, but if you prefer simple easy games Run 3 unblocked is the best game for you.

The bad guys will try and stop you any way they can. They will hide behind corners and ledges to try and snipe you from a distance. If you are not careful, you can be being blown up by explosives. Luckily, you are allowed to buy upgrades to your gear once you complete every level.

You can get a more powerful pistol, rifle, and shotgun. If you survive long enough, you might even afford the potent rocket launcher or plasma cannon. Once you buy a new weapon, it is added to your inventory, and you can cycle through all your choices by using the numbers on your keyboard.

Your health starts at 100 and goes down if you take damage from enemy fire. You can get health back by picking up blue medkits on the ground, which restore 25 health each. To avoid too much damage, try and always shoot enemies in the head. Most have body armor, and you can spend way too much time killing them when a headshot might have done the job instantly. It takes a little longer to line up but is well worth it. Use the terrain to your advantage. Try and find spots where you can shoot the enemy, but they cannot shoot you.

You also get three grenades when you start every level. These are useful for taking out large groups of enemies or forgetting them in hard-to-reach places. Use them carefully, and be sure you are not too close when they go off, as they do pack quite a punch. When you first go shopping, you might be tempted to upgrade your weapons immediately. You should buy a helmet and armor as soon as you can, so you take less damage. Timing, accuracy, and intelligence count for more in this game than just raw firepower.

Plazma Burst is a great platform shooter. The 16 levels provide lots of variety, and the between stages shop means you can slowly make your character more potent. Give this game a try if you want to use your wits and all your weapons in order to defeat your foes. There are also three levels of difficulty, so you can make the game easier if it’s too hard or increases the challenge after you beat one mode.

Learn To Fly 2 – PLAY ONLINE

The Icebergs Crushed Our Dreams, We Are Back For A Sweeter Revenge. Let’s Play Learn To Fly 2

Learn To Fly 2 - PLAY ONLINEDescription
Nothing big has changed when it comes to Learn To Fly 2, you act like a Penguin who in this case must actually try to fly. The Penguins are back and they are yet to prove us wrong that they aren’t flightless birds! This flash game keeps the same addictive qualities of the mother game and tosses many new categories to make the game more interesting.
Second version of the game takes the gaming experience even deeper than the native 3 Learn To Fly. In the new experience, there are challenges to gear, medals to earn and even a bonus shop. The whole concept of earning cash after every jump is continuous but in a more organized form. More upgrades have come with different categories: Payload, Glider, Sleigh and Boost. The height upgrade gives this game some great depth.

The Payload is a new category in the Learn To Fly 2. A major objective is to break the icebergs and the heavy payload will assist you in your objective. The downside is that the payload’s weight may shorten your flight.

The capability to save your game is another nice touch in the Learn To Fly 2 and is great since you can restore all your difficult progress in a single touch.
Gaze what distance you can be able to make your little penguin fly off the ramp by making him bounce off the water.

Controls Of The Game
Using the A/D or the right/left keys, balance your angle so that the penguin’s bottom front hits the water and allows it to bounce for a higher distance. The chief aim is to keep the Penguin angled just right to keep hitting the water blue.
Use the spacebar as a rocket. This will boost the power of the penguin.
Any key will be used to activate special sleighs.

Instructions Of The Game
You may check upgrades to purchase them if your money is enough to do so. (The game seems like you are not going anywhere at first but don’t forget you need to purchase the upgrades to start really flying!!!

Each control can be customized in the options menu where one could possibly use the keyboard instead of the mouse.
In the game, after each and every jump, you will gain game funds that will make you buy each and every kind of goodies.
In the ramp height, you can increase the ramp height or decrease the air resistance, or even make the penguin learn to speed up faster before flying.

How to get best score at Apple shooter

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to shoot something straight off someone’s head? By all means danger cuts across all emotions that run through our heads at such a moment but however, you have to admit there is always some feeling of thrill that preludes the possibility of victory. Victory here is in the sense of task accomplishment, as you strike the target with uttermost skill and precision. Needless to say, we all want that adrenaline rush once in a while in doing the colossally presumed insanity of the world but still manage to conquer all odds. Now picture this, at the comfort of your home or choice of entertainment spot you can have this full experience all at the simple simulation of a game- The Apple shooter game.

The Apple shooter game- similar to its name, the game basically involves the shooting of an apple from your allies head. It has been reverted to give you the full real life experience with the ratings of a four and a half star level out of 5. I mean, does it get any better than this folks!!!!!!


An overview of the game

The Apple shooter game is a special archery game developed by Wolf Games and is specifically formulated to be an archery game that gives the sensational archery experience for all shooting lovers out there. Talk about thrill, you have a gaming avenue that will shake you right off your chair with the broad array of level difficulties and tasks it has in store for you. Consequently, the Apple shooter game not only just simulates the real life apple archery game but an added Russian roulette kind of prospect is used in terms of the difficulty levels so as to test your skills and prowess in pin point archery.

The instructions of the game

Specifically, what the game entails is to shoot an apple placed on the head of your buddy with precision and skill thereby ensuring that you do not hurt him/her by missing the target. Scores are awarded for pin point shooting with a background applause that mimics that of a real audience. The difficulty levels are made surprisingly interesting by the fact that you are made to move further away from the target. At this point, you must be boiling with curiosity on how the Apple shooter is played, well its quite simple and human intelligent.

apple shooter

The controls of the game/how to play

The gaming controls involve the mouse, and hence you are required to aim the bow and arrow of the archer by simply positioning the mouse and holding the mouse button down to draw the bow back. Mark you, the longer you hold the mouse the more the shot power, and consequently, on the release of the button, a strike is made. Purpose to be a part of this experience when you think of game-think of Apple shooter! Also if you like Run games try Temple Run 2 full version at https://templerun2.club.

Tank Trouble SWF – The best of them all

Tank Trouble SWF is one of the most popular and one of kind online game out there. Entertainment is assured for those who are willing to play. This game is very easy to learn and is user-friendly. This is a online shooting based game and its sole purpose is to offer fun and enjoyment to its fans. So don’t hesitate just download and have thrill of a lifetime. Hacked Tank Trouble does not take much of your bandwidth and can work with any good internet connection .gunmayhem 2With whole new approach from its first release,which includes new maps, power ups, exciting rewards and a lot more, just like is this game: Unblocked Gun Mayhem 2.

How to play the game
The game has circle known as a circle labyrinth, in which you must position yourself and once your in there shots will be fired aimed at your tanks, and most importantly shots don’t have distinct marking to differentiate your shots from your enemies so you have to be careful that you don’t blow your own tanks by mistake. You can either choose the red tank or green one, and when your playing as single player you’ll play against the computer, but the most fun is to play in double or of more members so that you can get the most out of your game. When playing against the computer it will automatically alter the game level as you progress, the difficulty will increase and you need a lot of experience and strategic thinking once your there.

Electric beam is one weapon which is used to destroy tanks but to obtain this, you first have to gain access to the super symbol which will appear at random when playing in various levels. And other super weapons also appear at different levels and the first one to grab it can use the weapon at his disposal. The first level starts with only two enemy tanks but as you progress the number increases and it will be harder to beat your opponent.

What are the controls

The controls of this game is very simple and easy, the directions controls are “arrows” and shoot is “M”. If more than one player is playing, mouse and extra keyboard can be used.Directions for mouse is by moving the pointer and to shoot is left click and in the other keyboard the directions are “E,S,D,F” and to shoot is “Q”. For more details and game itself visit official page.
This is game is sure to offer loads of fun and excitement,so don’t wait just play.

Free Rider 2

Free Rider 2 is a racing game that is highly addictive. Why is everyone raving and talking about Free Rider 2? It helps one develop cognitive skills, critical thinking and even improve one’s drawing skills! Parents too love it as it is known to teach physics through motion. It does all this as the player develops their own level and thus you can make it challenging.

If you love mini html5 games try Getaway shootout

Free Rider 2
The player creates goals, checks points, draws tracks, and colors them. Other players can also comment and rate you and better still post results on other social sites. The best feature is that it is pretty easy as no special computer skill is required to program it.

Free Rider 2
This is how to play it. Move the mouse left and right to see tools. Click on the tool you need. To use the tool you selected, click the left on the mouse and hold it to use. For instance, to draw, hold the pencil with the mouse, and move it to draw on the screen. You can include a scenery or background of your choice and rewards that a player gets. To add speed, click on power-ups. One can also add extras like bombs and inclines using the power-ups button as well. Save the game by copying and pasting the code given. When playing, load the code and start racing!

Happy Wheels 2 – A Game Everyone Loves

Happy Wheels full is a popular game everyone loves to play. It is an online physics game known for its dark humor and huge amount of blood. This game can be accessed through visiting the website “Totaljerkface” and this is the kind of game everyone would love to play.
Happy Wheels 2 - A Game Everyone Loves
Demo of Happy Wheels, most popular flash game has some primary control keys which are the four arrows, shift, Ctrl, space bar, and the letter “Z” Although it may seem difficult to get a hang of these controls, as time passes by, we’ll get a hook of it. After choosing the character and levels out of the many provided, we can start the game.

1) Hold the arrow keys (up arrow) to accelerate forward and down arrow to brake and keep holding the drive during reverse.
2) Use left arrow and right arrow key to lean backward and forward respectively, these are used to move over obstacles over a two-wheeled vehicle.
3) Press Z to eject

crazy funny image from the gameThe game contains different characters, all of which are listed below:
1) Pogostick Man
2) Segway Guy
3) Santa Claus
4) Effective Shopper
5) Irresponsible Dad and Mom
6) Lawnmower Man
7) Helicopter Man
8) Moped Couple
9) Wheelchair Guy
10) Explorer Guy

How death works in the game:
Find out the goal of each level and play to achieve it. Your character only dies once the head or torso is severed so don’t panic when you lose an arm or leg, just keep playing. You can press the tab button to restart the level or exit to the main menu.

Try all the featured levels and play them continuously. You can also change the blood setting and play levels created by other players and even create a level of your own kind. You can rate and save replays too!

You’ll be ensured of having a fun time while playing this if you’re someone who loves blood and gore. This game has been played for many years by millions of people so you will definitely enjoy playing it too!

Life is a roller coaster ride…ups and downs all the way

Hellooo friends…! I am here to introduce you all with our new game on creating a roller coaster & Tank Trouble 5. All of us enjoy riding in a roller coaster as it is the most thrilling ride ever made. Now is the time to actually build it with this new game of ours. Let me give you a brief description of this game. Here we give you separate parts of the roller coaster and you have to do the construction work to complete the thrilling ride in your own way and transport the riders from one point to another in a safe way. This is the major objective of the game.
In this excitement, I forgot to tell you the name of the game. Let me introduce you to the ‘ The Roller Coaster Creator ‘……!
Now every game has some rules to which you have to abide by in order to win the game….which follows

The Roller Coaster Creator guide:
-The rules are very simple, it’s by your creativity and intelligence of the physics that you have to make the path of the ride, that is, ups and downs of the ride to reach it from one point to another with as much thrill as possible. You will be provided with limited amount of the coaster parts and you have to join them to make a nice ride without any accidents keeping the riders safety in mind.

Controls of the game:
-There are various tools in this game which you will find on the left side of the screen using which you have to give the riders most thrilling experience to earn more points.
Straight tool allows you to draw a straight line-loop tool allows you to make a loop in order to collect diamonds and earn more points. Steep up and steep down tools are also there which you can use to make tracks of various types.
The objective is to earn maximum points which you can do by getting all the diamonds and making the ride thrilling.
So what are you waiting for…go ahead and play THE ROLLER COASTER CREATOR and I hope you will enjoy the game.
Thank you.