Play Apple Shooter – every archer’s dream

It is every archer’s dream to shoot apples off a friend’s head without harming them or even causing a scratch. This is the real symbol of true marksmanship. Apple Shooter is a game that will actualize this dream and transform it into reality.

Game instructions and controls
Apple shooter is not only a simple, but also a mega-fun game to play. A mouse is the only tool required to play and probably triumph. The mouse coupled with inbuilt game tools plays the role of aiming arrows at an apple situated at the top of the head of the player’s best friend. The player needs to be cautious and take the aim carefully. A single mistake or error on the player’s part could effortlessly give them the ‘World Worst Best friend’ label.

Game levels
The game has several levels and the task difficulty increases as the player complete each level. The proximity from the best friend increases with each advanced level. The distance between you and your best friend is 20 feet for the first level. The second level’s distance is 25 feet, 30 feet for the third level, 35 for level 4, and the chain goes on. This means that the distance from one level to the next increases by five feet.

Additional game tools
At the beginning of the game(of paper 2), there are two main tools to help a player hit a target rather than the best friend. Both tools are at a screen’s top left corner. One of the tools is in form of a circular gauge that determines the flying height of the arrow. The other tool is a meter bar to tell the player the level of power contained in a shot. A more powerful shot will travel for a further distance. These tools should be used together coupled with a strong hand-eye coordination sense. This helps in protecting your friend from harm.

High scores
Contrary to other archery-related online games, this game has a chart displaying the high scores. Players need to challenge themselves to attain the highest levels to get their names included in the professional shooters’ list.

Hacks and Cheats
A major hack is that the game does not actually end following the death of your best friend. Press the numerical 1 to reset once the apples disappear. One of the cheat codes is a pointer that would draw a line to show the manner and direction of the flying arrow.

Basically, this is a super fun game to check out and play.