Tank Trouble SWF – The best of them all

Tank Trouble SWF is one of the most popular and one of kind online game out there. Entertainment is assured for those who are willing to play. This game is very easy to learn and is user-friendly. This is a online shooting based game and its sole purpose is to offer fun and enjoyment to its fans. So don’t hesitate just download and have thrill of a lifetime. Hacked Tank Trouble does not take much of your bandwidth and can work with any good internet connection .gunmayhem 2With whole new approach from its first release,which includes new maps, power ups, exciting rewards and a lot more, just like is this game: Unblocked Gun Mayhem 2.

How to play the game
The game has circle known as a circle labyrinth, in which you must position yourself and once your in there shots will be fired aimed at your tanks, and most importantly shots don’t have distinct marking to differentiate your shots from your enemies so you have to be careful that you don’t blow your own tanks by mistake. You can either choose the red tank or green one, and when your playing as single player you’ll play against the computer, but the most fun is to play in double or of more members so that you can get the most out of your game. When playing against the computer it will automatically alter the game level as you progress, the difficulty will increase and you need a lot of experience and strategic thinking once your there.

Electric beam is one weapon which is used to destroy tanks but to obtain this, you first have to gain access to the super symbol which will appear at random when playing in various levels. And other super weapons also appear at different levels and the first one to grab it can use the weapon at his disposal. The first level starts with only two enemy tanks but as you progress the number increases and it will be harder to beat your opponent.

What are the controls

The controls of this game is very simple and easy, the directions controls are “arrows” and shoot is “M”. If more than one player is playing, mouse and extra keyboard can be used.Directions for mouse is by moving the pointer and to shoot is left click and in the other keyboard the directions are “E,S,D,F” and to shoot is “Q”. For more details and game itself visit official page.
This is game is sure to offer loads of fun and excitement,so don’t wait just play.